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In 2005, after three hurricanes in one year we decided to leave Florida.  Ken had researched houses made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Found a company that would provide it as a kit, that was panels lumber and instructions.  We had it all shipped to our 5 acre lot in Palominas AZ.  We moved our fifth wheel onto the lot and started building.  In six months we moved into the house.  We had my daughter and son in law out from New Jersey for a week to help getting started (each panel weighs about 90 pounds).  We tried to put the trusses on the garage roof with only the two of us and it was too hard, so we hired a crew of roofers to do the job, (the house trusses were more than 40 ft long) Here are a lot of the construction pictures.

Cool Text - Home 395594216170238.png
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